Short Stories

Thanksgiving In Michigan

A young girl grapples with the privilege of growing up as a Dutch Reformed American in West Michigan.

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A young painter, infatuated with his model, grows increasingly impressed with his own painting of her.

4 pages.

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God’s Back

A contemporary feminist re-telling of the story from the Gospel of John 8:1-11.

6 pages.

I don’t know why men are given such a privileged position in the temple of YHWH when the men of the Bible are such buffoons. Even David, our kingly archetype, couldn’t keep it in his pants. They say the messiah will come from the line of David, which means he’ll also come from the line of Rahab. Yet Torah says to stone adulterous Women, and adulterous men get a slap on the wrist, pay 50 sheckles or something like that. Women in Torah are often portrayed merely as lusty temptresses. I’m a pretty successful temptress though I must say.

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A dystopian city in a not-so-distant future, where Coke and Pepsi, the only remaining corporations, each have their own cities divided by a river of garbage.

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